Course Description

The Black American Series is a 20-part narrative film of the history of descendants of American Slavery from 1451-2021. It covers the historical, philosophical, and cultural elements of Black Americans. The definition of who is a Black American is based on historical and ethnic lineage. The series is linear and starts with Black Americans' history and progresses into the contributions of this group in innovation, science, music, and more. The series also covers this group's cultural nuances from food, activities, beliefs, and festivities. Lastly, there is a call for a separate identity within the diaspora.

Learn About Black American Phenotype

Later in this series, you will learn about the phenotype of Black Americans in comparison to others in the African diaspora. This is so Black Americans can easily identify each other.

Learn About Black American Sub Group Gheechi/Gullah

We will also cover The Gullah group and the Gullah War as well as a brief history of this group.

Learn About Black American Sub Group Called Creole

We will also cover the culture of the creole and how this group came to be.

What You Will Learn

  • Significant historical points in Black American Experience
  • The definition of an ethnic lineage based on history
  • Black American Experience with Housing 
  • Black American Experience with Health Care
  • Black American Inventions and Science
  • Black Americans Contribution to Music
  • Black American Culture, Food, Activities, and Festivities
  • Black American Phenotype
  • The Reason for the Jealousy of the Black American
  • The call for separate identification as an ethnic group

Monikers/ splinters for this group varies on philosophical, geographical, and sociological perspectives, but here are some of the names Black Americans may refer to themselves as:

  • Original Black American
  • Geechie/Gullah
  • Creole
  • Foundational Black American
  • Indigenous Black American
  • Native Black American
  • Descendent of American Slavery (DOAS)
  • American Descendent of Slavery (ADOS)
  • More recently, Pre Civil War Black Population Descendent
  • Tribe of Judah

Here are some more splinter groups under the Black American ethnicity that were not known at the time of the making of this series: 

  • Pre-Civil War Black Population Descendent
  • U.S Freedman


  Black American Series Part 1 - Part 20
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