Course Description

This course explains how Black women can overcome self-sabotaging behaviors by demonstrating the phenomena of peptide addiction and its role in adulthood. We will address the great conundrum that the Black woman finds herself in regarding being in a racist society and dealing with a community that undervalues her. Such a conundrum creates cognitive dissonance (or confusion) around her identity, beliefs, and behaviors.

This course will detail many self-destructive behaviors rooted in Peptide addiction based on childhood experiences, ideas, and emotions we experience in our community. I illustrate what those behaviors look like in my mulership theory, which consists of five archetypes many Black women are familiar with. I then explain the collective consciousness within our community that created those archetypes and how they are detrimental to Black women. Finally, I offer solutions on the physical, spiritual, and emotional levels to help Black women break the peptide addiction to dysfunction so they can become enlightened and in tune with their souls. 

What You Will Learn:

  • The definition of peptide addiction and the role it plays in dysfunctional behaviors and relationships.

  • The definition of mulership archetypes: mule, “mammy,” “strong Black Woman,” “ride or die,” and “single mother” and how they manifest in the community.

  • You will learn the Dysfunction indoctrination theory, which breaks down the ideologies that govern the collective consciousness in the black community. This theory breaks down how these ideologies influence childhood situations, ideas, emotions, and experiences that produce peptide addiction to self-destructive behavior. The indoctrination serves to promote the self-sacrifice of the Black woman and placed the burden and ills of the community solely on the Black woman.

  • You will learn the theory of the repetition complex, which is the subconscious attachment to personalities or behaviors that closely resembles the indoctrination and patterns of childhood, child caregivers, or lack thereof.

  • How to break the peptide addiction to the dysfunction indoctrination

  • Emotional modalities to break peptide addiction

  • Physical modalities to balance the mind and hormones

  • Spiritual modalities to heal and self-actualize 

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