Course Description

Strategy comes from the Greek word which means to lead the army. This defintion is often muddled when applied to real world.

One reason to need Strategy is because of limited resources. So if you are trying to make societal changes you will need to strategize based on the resources you have . This course explains the differences between strategy and technique in the context of social movements.

Failure to understand strategy has undermined liberation movements for the last sixty years. This video course presents a theoretical framework which can be used to strategically plan goals and objectives. Such as what comes next after a protest? If you dismantle a system, what will you replace it with? This is where strategic planning comes into play. It must be utilized or you will be back at square one.

Course Goals

  • How to determine objectives for strategic planning
  • Use the Fox Matrix to understand locus of control in strategizing 
  • Understand how to measure results
  • Message to young Black men under age 25
  • Explain the difference between strategy and technique

Example Curriculum

  Kali: J.N.S: Strategy Vs. Technique. Rioting, Protesting and Black Movements
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