Course Description

This course details the Queen Mother Ship concept that existed in precolonial Africa. Queen Mothers were once important political figures who held authority and were even considered to be autonomous rulers. Among certain tribes, there were traditionally male and female "counterparts" in all aspects of the political hierarchy. This dynamic was to create a balance between the divine feminine and masculine principles. I give examples of where this took place in Africa and the geographical reasons for why this system came into place. The Queen Mother Ship is not synonymous with matriarchy, it simply means that hierarchies and the domination of one gender by the other did not exist.

This course also details the overthrow of the Queen Mother Ship that occurred during the beginning of the slave trade in Africa. The overthrow of the Queen Mother Ship led to the fall of the Black race and was one of the causes for the gender rift. After the overthrow of the Queen Mothership, a lesson learning period was placed upon people of African descent.

The Queen Mother Ship series exists to restore balance and healing for those who seek transcendence and need answers for how we got into a subjugated state and answers on how we can rise.

What You Will Learn:

  • The real reason for how colonization and slavery started.
  • The real reason for how the gender war began
  • The political dynamics of pre-colonial Africa
  • The gender dynamics of African Ancestors
  • The specific tribes and customs of those who practice the Queen Mothership Concept
  • Why the Queen Mother Ship was overthrown and how it led to our downfall as a race.
  • The cause of the continued curse on the Black race and how to remove it.

For information on how to implement the Queen Mothership in the 21st century, Check out the Nakhti Queen Mothership book included at the end of this course. This book details the history in Chapters 1 and 2, and the rest of the book lists the tenets, relationship dynamics, examples of child-rearing, strategy, and communal policing that can be implemented today. The Nakhti Queen Mothership details what the Queen Mothership can look like in 2021 and beyond. 

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