This course is the first lesson in the iKNOW™ Electrical Safety Library. This lesson forms the foundation for the other lessons in Electrical Safety Library. The lesson explains safe work habits and basic safety rules that should be used when working around electricity. The importance of safely using circuits, the dangers of static electricity, and the methods used to control it are discussed. The use of fire extinguishers and identifying the correct type of fire extinguisher on an electrical fire is also presented.


Electricity and Safe Work Habits

Working Safely

Overloading a Circuit

Basic Safety Rules

Static Electricity and Bonding

Electrical Fires

What You Will Learn:

  •  Describe the need to make electrical safety habits second nature
  •  Describe the safe loading of circuits
  •  List basic rules when working around electricity
  •  Describe the dangers of static electricity
  •  Describe the methods for controlling static electricity
  •  Identify the correct type of fire extinguisher to use on an electrical fire


Example Curriculum

  Working Safely with Electricity
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