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Nakhti University 

Nakhti University, founded in 2021 by Kali J.N.S, embarked on a transformative journey that would redefine the landscape of instructional design and e-learning. Initially, it operated as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), offering a wide range of courses online, with an emphasis on STEM, professional development, mental wellness, and fostering a growth mindset among its learners.

The transition from a MOOC to the first DAO e-learning marketplace marked a significant turning point in Nakhti University's evolution. It was guided by the visionary principles of its founder, Kali J.N.S, who sought to revolutionize the way education was delivered and experienced. This transformation was underpinned by the development of the AIDDFES (Aid-Fes) instructional design model, a groundbreaking approach that challenged traditional educational norms.

At the heart of this transformation lay the concept of a DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization. DAOs are collaborative online entities where ownership and management are distributed among their members, emphasizing transparency, community-driven decision-making, and shared governance. In the context of education, DAOs empower learners to create decentralized learning hubs, democratizing the educational experience.

A key element of Nakhti University's philosophy is the cultivation of a growth mindset among its learners. A growth mindset is the belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and feedback. It encourages individuals to see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow, fostering resilience and a willingness to embrace challenges.

Nakhti University's approach to developing a growth mindset include recognizing that intelligence and ability are not fixed traits. Learners are encouraged to understand that effort leads to mastery and to use positive self-talk. Incremental success is valued, and feedback is embraced as an opportunity for improvement rather than personal criticism. Learners are also encouraged to embrace challenges and persevere in the face of setbacks, viewing them as temporary and valuable learning experiences.

The name "Nakhti" itself holds significance, representing power. It's a term that founder Kali J.N.S began using at the age of 20, and it symbolizes the institution's commitment to empowering learners and reshaping the educational landscape.

In summary, Nakhti University's journey from a MOOC to a DAO-driven e-learning marketplace reflects its commitment to innovation, growth mindset development, and the transformative power of decentralized education. This evolution is guided by the principles of the AIDDFES model, fostering a dynamic, learner-centric future where knowledge knows no bounds.

More About AIDDFES & DAOs

 DAO-driven learning communities foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and peer-to-peer learning. Students become both teachers and learners, shaping the educational experience according to their interests and needs. It envisions a future where education transcends physical institutions and becomes a global network of decentralized learning hubs. These decentralized learning communities redefine education as we know it, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective comprehension within specific domains.

Imagine an ecosystem where students are both teachers and learners. In this paradigm, expertise is shared, and exploration is boundless. DAOs empower individuals to seize control of their education, transforming it into a self-directed endeavor. DAOs, reminiscent of blockchain technology, revolutionize community organizations around shared goals. Within education, this concept redefines how we approach learning, emphasizing community-driven, scalable, and agile systems. This openness aligns with the increasingly accessible online content. In the Learning DAO, students switch roles between disseminating and seeking knowledge, fostering a peer-to-peer learning model.

At the core of Nakhti University's philosophy is the AIDDFES model, which challenges conventional educational norms and ushers in a new era of learning. This model emerged from a dedicated effort to reshape educational frameworks and foster creativity and innovation within the institution.
AIDDFES, short for Analysis, Intelligence Center Design, Development, Dao Flow, Evaluation, and Strategy, pushes the boundaries further by introducing DAOs into the educational landscape. DAOs represent collaborative online entities where ownership and governance are distributed among members, dismantling traditional hierarchical structures and emphasizing transparency. Within education, they empower learners to create decentralized learning hubs, propose courses, and engage in community-driven education.

Picture a scenario where learners collectively shape course content, pacing, and assessment methods. It's a democratization of education, a future where learning transcends physical institutions, forming a global network of decentralized hubs. DAOs unlock the potential for like-minded individuals worldwide to connect, collaborate, and explore knowledge unbounded by geographical constraints.

DAOs transcend academics, influencing personal connections. This fusion extends to the dating realm, acknowledging that meaningful relationships are integral to personal growth. DAOs offer a platform for academic and personal connections to coexist, fostering interactions among members based on shared beliefs and interests. DAOs in education align with Nakhti University's holistic approach, integrating aspects of sexual health and family planning. This merged vision empowers learners to excel academically and find guidance on matters of the heart.

Drawing parallels with blockchain technology, DAOs within the AIDDFES model mirror the principles of blockchain systems. Just as blockchain developers ensure the system's functionality, instructional designers and SMEs create engaging educational content with the help of repository intelligence (AI). Miners validate transactions like teachers who facilitate learning, and students serve as miners by actively contributing to and validating the educational experience, highlighting the peer-to-peer learning aspect of the AIDDFES model. Users, including the broader community, create transparent and community-driven ecosystems, mirroring the collaborative nature of learning. The exchange of curriculum and knowledge serves as the core of the learning process, emphasizing transparency and collective growth.

In essence, Nakhti University, with its visionary approach and the AIDDFES model, represents a pivotal force in the evolution of education. It embraces DAOs in education, fostering a dynamic, personalized, and ever-evolving journey of discovery that transcends traditional boundaries and redefines how knowledge is acquired and shared. This fusion of instructional design, technology, and DAO-driven learning is shaping a brighter future for education, one where learners are at the helm of their educational destinies.

Centers at Nakhti University

The Black American Research, Cultural, and Policy Center at Nakhti University is an independent and nonpartisan repository that spreads political and cultural awareness nationwide throughout Black American communities. The Center for Sexual Health and Family Planning for Black Americans at Nakhti University collates and produces research toward advancing sexual health and the nuclear family via research, education, and workshop efforts. It aims to provide non-dogmatic education on sexual health themes to students and the community through various creative and collaborative means.
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Books By Kali J.N.S & Published By Nakhti University

 The Nakhti Philosophy

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Alchemy Reservoir of Black Americans: The Collective Unconscious, Genealogy & Preserving Ethnicity 

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 Tut Language Sight Words and Spelling Workbook for Kids

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 Gratitude Journal with Tut Language For Black Americans

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 The Nakhti Queen Mothership

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The Law of Gender: Incentivizing Feminine and Masculine Principles to Promote Harmonious Relationships

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Nakhti Self Redox for Black Women

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Nakhti Adult Coloring Book for Stress Relief and Self Esteem

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Nakhti Meditation: Book of Mantras for Protection, Purification, & Manifestation

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Herbs for Medicine and Metaphysics

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Queen Mothership Part 2 : Enterprise Architecture: Guide to Rebuilding Black America

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Breaking Bad Habits To Build Auspicious States In Your Consciousness

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The Cookout: Soul Food Recipes For Black Americans in Tut Language

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Tantra For the Human Soul: Exploring Sexuality for Bliss and Enlightenment

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Introducing The Entrusted Melanism Framework for Empowerment Because Pan-Africanism Is Dead

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Unraveling Epistemological Boundaries and Power-Knowledge in the Out of Africa Theory: Introducing Simultaneous Quantum Biogenesis Theory

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AIDDFES: A DAO Driven Instructional Design Model for Education, Military, & Business

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Biography of Kali J.N.S

Kali J.N.S is a scholar (theoretician) Mystic, author, and founder of the Nakhti University, born Jenny Nunn-Stanley on January 22, 1992. She is also a Philosopher (Creator of the Nakhti Philosophy) .

She believes that knowledge of Self is the most potent apparatus a person can yield. She loves teaching philosophy, history, Queen Mothership frameworks, survivalist skills, and metaphysics. Her eccentric approach to education helps individuals transcend subject/object duality and embrace their true Selves. In her private life, she prefers to be a monastic naturist.

 Kali J.N.S is considered a contemporary mystic since she does not belong to any religious tradition and follows her philosophy (Nakhti Philosophy). Mastery of the subconscious mind and Self-inquiry has been of greatest concern to Kali J.N.S. Over the years, Kali has studied from various schools of thought, including, Hoodoo, Kabbalah Western occultism, Mahayana Buddhism, Sufism, Shakti, Advaita Vedanta, and Tantra. With love and an austere approach, Kali J.N.S's teachings are meant to remove the balm of ego so one can experience equanimity.
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Bachelors of Science: Buffalo State College


Master of Arts: Georgia State University

Religious Studies 

Masters of Science: Columbia University 

Technology Management 

Advance Graduate Certificate : Columbia University


Masters of Science: Georgia State University

Instructional Design and Technology 

Self Taught Disciplines 

These are fields that Kali J.N.S became an autodidact in and have studied extensively out of joy, curiosity, or passion. 

     Black American history

African History

Evolutionary biology


Theoretical physics

Western Occultism

Eastern Occultism

Human sexuality (sociology)

Developed Theories by Kali J.N.S

  1. Queen Mothership
  2. Biospheric Consciousness
  3. Alchemy Reservoir of the Collective Unconscious of Black Americans
  4. Law of Gender Rooted in Electromagnetism and Physical causation (by observing nature)
  5. Self-Redox for Melanated (Black) Women
  6. Dysfunction Indoctrination
  7. Mulership
  8. Queen Mothership Enterprise Architecture
  9. Simultaneous Quantum Biogenesis Theory
  10. Entrusted Melanism
  11. Black American Arrange Marriage Program
  12.  AIDDFES Instructional Design Model

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