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Introduction to Python

Learn Python Programming with 77 lectures in a Practical Manner
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Learn Python Programming with 77 lectures in a Practical Manner. The first section of the course focuses on the very basics of Python 3 and later functions, lists, tuples, dictionaries, files, and error handling.

You will get Lifetime access to this course.
You do not need to pay $ 1000's to learn Python Programming. 77 videos will help you gain the knowledge of Python 3 Programming language.

So whether you want to become a Data Scientist, Web Developer, or Game Developer, This Python Course will help you achieve these goals.

!!!!!Happy Coding!!!!!

Course Details

 Who this course is for :
  • Python Programmers who want to Polish their skills.
  • Programmers who want to learn Python 3
  • Ethical Hackers
  • Anyone who wants to learn Python from Scratch
  • Developers who want to make a career in software engineering.

    Requirements :
  • A computer with Internet Connection
  • Python Installation Video is available in the course.

    What you'll learn: 
  • Learn the complete Basics of Python 3
  • Variables and DataTypes & I/O statements, Operators
  • Understand how to use Loops, IF Else, and Functions
  • Get an understanding of how to create your Programs and Applications.
  • Learn Essential Concepts of Python Programming
  • Learn to understand the Code and Compile in your mind

Course Type: Instant

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