Stop Peptide Addiction - Self Care + Beauty Tips: How Black Women can Overcome Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

I offer solutions on the physical, spiritual, and emotional levels to help Black women break the peptide addiction to dysfunction so they can become enlightened and in tune with their souls.
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Course Description

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This course offers a comprehensive examination of how peptide addiction contributes to self-sabotaging behaviors among Black women. The primary objective is to provide insight and strategies for overcoming these challenges. We begin by exploring the complex dynamics of living in a society marked by racial bias while simultaneously navigating a community that may undervalue their contributions.

This conundrum leads to cognitive dissonance, impacting identity, beliefs, and behavior.
Central to the course is the concept of peptide addiction, which we link to childhood experiences, prevailing community ideas, and emotions. Utilizing the 'mulership theory', we identify and analyze five archetypal behaviors commonly observed among Black women. These archetypes, a product of collective consciousness within the community, are examined for their detrimental effects.

The course culminates in offering holistic solutions—encompassing physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects—to assist Black women in breaking free from the cycle of peptide addiction and self-destructive behaviors. Our goal is to empower participants towards enlightenment and a deeper connection with their inner selves, fostering personal growth and resilience.

What You Will Learn:

  • An in-depth exploration of peptide addiction, elucidating its definition and the significant role it plays in fostering dysfunctional behaviors and relationships.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the 'mulership archetypes': mule, mammy, strong Black woman, ride or die, and single mother. The course examines their manifestation within the community and the implications thereof.
  • Detailed instruction on the Dysfunction Indoctrination Theory. This segment delves into the ideologies shaping the collective consciousness in the Black community, examining how these beliefs impact childhood situations, ideas, emotions, and experiences. This theory elucidates the process by which these factors contribute to peptide addiction and self-destructive behaviors, emphasizing the undue burden placed on Black women.
  • An examination of the Repetition Complex Theory, which addresses the subconscious gravitation towards personalities or behaviors that echo the patterns and indoctrinations experienced in childhood, including those involving primary caregivers.
  • Strategies and methodologies to effectively break the cycle of peptide addiction linked to dysfunction indoctrination.
  • Introduction to various emotional modalities aimed at overcoming peptide addiction.
  • Presentation of physical modalities designed to harmonize mind and hormones, contributing to overall well-being.
  • Spiritual modalities focused on healing, self-realization, and the journey towards self-actualization.
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