The Queen Mothership In Precolonial Africa and the 21st Century

This course details the Queen Mother Ship concept that existed in precolonial Africa.
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    Restoring the Queen Mothership: Healing, Balance, and Empowerment

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    Join us on a transformative journey to explore the powerful concept of the Queen Mothership, an ancient governance system that thrived in Africa before the era of colonialism. Through this course, you'll delve into the profound dual rulership between male and female, and the multi-level governance structure that revered the divine feminine as well as the masculine. We will examine the critical role of Queen Mothers as influential political figures, once holding authority and even considered autonomous rulers.

    Tragically, the overthrow of the Queen Mother Ship during the early stages of the African slave trade led to the imbalance between male and female relationship dynamics, inadvertently contributing to the subjugated state of Black people. The "Nakhti Queen Mothership" series, of which this course is a part, is dedicated to restoring balance, healing, and empowerment for those seeking transcendence and answers regarding the history and path forward.

    More About The Course

    Through engaging lectures, insightful discussions, and thought-provoking readings from the "Nakhti Queen Mothership" book, we'll explore examples of where the Queen Mothership existed in Africa, understanding the geographical reasons behind its establishment. The emphasis is placed on the pivotal role of Black women in this restoration, as the first teachers of children. By empowering Black women through structured cultural values and self-love, their wisdom will trickle down to reshape the consciousness of future generations.
    The course will address the impact of the overthrow of the Queen Mothership, the learning period that followed, and the call for collective healing within the community. We will discuss the essential role of Black men in supporting the healing and enlightenment of Black women, as they hold the key to esoteric wisdom and cultural values. This course invites you to explore the solutions presented in the "Nakhti Queen Mothership" book and gain insights into reinstating the Queen Mothership philosophy for the restoration of the nuclear family.
    In the finale of the Queen Mothership Series, we will explore the poignant question of accountability, reflecting on the history of powerful civilizations in Africa and the path that led to enslavement and subjugation. By acknowledging the past, healing, and embracing our power, we strive to rise collectively. This course invites you to be a part of this transformative journey, offering a comprehensive understanding of the Queen Mothership and the path to restoring harmony, healing, and empowerment.

    Instructor Kali J.N.S

    Author, Mystic, Scholar, Teacher, Founder of Nakhti University
    Kali J.N.S is an esteemed scholar, mystic, author, and the visionary founder of Nakhti University. With a deep understanding of history, culture, and spirituality, Kali brings a unique perspective to the teaching of the "Restoring the Queen Mothership" course. As the architect behind the Nakhti Queen Mothership series, Kali's insights and expertise provide a rich and enlightening experience for participants.

    Course Delivery and Approach:
    Kali J.N.S will lead the course through a dynamic blend of online lectures, interactive discussions, and guided readings. Kali's passionate and engaging teaching style ensures that participants are captivated by the content and encouraged to reflect deeply on the subject matter. Drawing from scholarly research, mystic insights, and personal experiences, Kali will guide participants through the multifaceted layers of the Queen Mothership philosophy.

    Live Discussions:
    Kali's expertise goes beyond traditional teaching methods. The course includes live discussions hosted by Kali, where participants have the opportunity to engage directly with the author and delve deeper into the concepts presented. These discussions foster an open and intellectual environment for participants to ask questions, share their thoughts, and gain a deeper understanding of the material.

    Genius and Intelligence:
    Kali J.N.S's contributions to the field of African history, culture, and spirituality are nothing short of genius. Kali's ability to weave together historical research, mystical wisdom, and practical solutions showcases an extraordinary intellect. Through the Nakhti Queen Mothership series, Kali demonstrates a deep understanding of complex historical narratives, and the foresight to offer meaningful solutions for contemporary challenges.

    In this course, you will not only be learning from a true visionary but also engaging with an individual who has demonstrated a remarkable ability to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern understanding. Kali's scholarship and visionary thinking have the potential to inspire and transform, offering participants a profound journey into the restoration of the Queen Mothership philosophy.

    Actionable Solutions 

    Structured Cultural Values: We'll delve into the essential cultural values that underpin the Queen Mothership philosophy. These values encompass respect, unity, cooperation, and reverence for both the divine feminine and masculine aspects of life. Understanding and embracing these values will form the foundation for the restoration process.

    Empowering Black Women: The course will emphasize the central role of Black women in the restoration of the Queen Mothership. Empowering Black women through education, self-love, and recognition of their crucial role as the first teachers of children is a core component of the solutions presented. We'll discuss strategies for promoting Black women's empowerment and fostering a supportive environment for their growth.

    Reinstating the Divine Balance: We'll explore how the Queen Mothership philosophy aims to restore the balance between male and female energies, recognizing the importance of both in the community's well-being. Through open dialogues and understanding, we'll discuss how to create an environment where both genders can thrive and contribute harmoniously.

    Community Healing: The course will address the need for collective healing within the community. We'll discuss strategies for breaking free from the legacy of the past, acknowledging the challenges faced, and fostering a supportive atmosphere for healing. By working together, we can overcome the historical trauma and move towards a brighter future.

    Trickle-Down Effect: We'll explore the concept of the "trickle-down effect" where the enlightenment and wisdom of empowered Black women positively impact future generations. By supporting and uplifting Black women, we create a cycle of empowerment that reshapes the consciousness of the entire community, leading to lasting positive change.

    The Promise: We'll discuss the significance of the promise in the context of the Nakhti Queen Mothership. This promise symbolizes a commitment to the values, principles, and goals of the Queen Mothership philosophy. We'll explore how individuals make this promise and actively contribute to the restoration process.
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