TUT Language For Black Americans

Celebrate the essence of Black American culture as Tut language takes center stage.
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    What is Tut Language

    Discover the captivating world of Tut language, an extraordinary linguistic treasure crafted by Black Americans 300 years ago. Born out of necessity, Tut language served as a secret code and a means of acquiring literacy when reading and writing were forbidden for the enslaved population. Passed down through generations, Tut language has remained a cherished part of Black American culture, symbolizing resilience and heritage.

    In Tut language, each vowel is pronounced with its own name, while corresponding words represent consonants. Different regions in the United States have their unique ways of pronouncing consonants, giving rise to delightful variations in Tut dialects.

    Our journey into Tut language is inspired by the remarkable work of Gloria McIlwain, a visionary who authored the world's first comprehensive book on Tut language in 1995. Her guide, "TUT Language," is highly regarded and has been acknowledged by prestigious institutions such as the Journal of the American Dialect Society, Duke University, and the San Jose Mercury News.

    In her poignant memoir, "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings," Maya Angelou immortalized the frustrations and triumphs of mastering Tut language, highlighting its significance. Today, the torchbearers of the Tut language illuminate the digital landscape with captivating videos on TikTok and other social media platforms, showcasing the beauty of Tut's spoken and written form.

    In this extraordinary course, we draw inspiration from Gloria McIlwain's pioneering work, utilizing her Tut alphabet as our guiding star. While we explore the rich tapestry of Tut's regional variations, our coursework centers around the Mcllwain variation, ensuring a cohesive and immersive learning experience. Together, we honor our ancestors, cherishing their legacy and kindling a torch that will illuminate the path for future generations of Black Americans to embrace the sacred Tut language.
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    Description of Course 

    Are you ready to embark on a remarkable linguistic journey? Join us on a captivating exploration of Tut language, an extraordinary communication form woven into the tapestry of Black American heritage. Delve into the intricate layers of this unique language, where words dance with rhythm and every syllable carries the weight of a resilient culture.

    Interactive Learning Experience:
    Prepare to be captivated by an immersive and engaging learning experience. Our course employs a variety of multimedia resources, including videos, images, and interactive quizzes, to take you on a captivating journey through Tut language. Dive into thoughtfully designed lessons that include detailed explanations of linguistic features, pronunciation variations, and regional influences on Tut language. Engage in interactive language games, such as word matching and pronunciation challenges, to reinforce your understanding and skill development.

    Live Sessions and Community Engagement:
    Experience the power of connection and community through live sessions with expert tutors. Interact with fellow language enthusiasts, exchange insights, and engage in real-time practice. Benefit from the collective wisdom and shared experiences of a vibrant community that shares your passion for Tut language and culture.

    Culminate Your Journey:
    As you progress through the course, you'll witness the renaissance of Tut language in contemporary times. Explore its resurgence on social media platforms, cultural events, and artistic expressions. Reflect on the profound significance of Tut language in connecting with your ancestors, fostering community bonds, and preserving your cultural identity.

    Taught By Kali J.N.S

    Scholar, Mystic, Author, founder of the Nakhti University, and  Philosopher (Creator of the Nakhti Philosophy)
    This course is led by Kali J.N.S, a renowned scholar, mystic, and visionary. As the creator of the Tut Language Course, Kali J.N.S brings a wealth of knowledge and a profound passion for empowering individuals to embrace their true selves. With 16 books to her name, Kali J.N.S is not only an esteemed author but also the second person in the world to create books on the Tut language. Her unique approach to education combines philosophy, history, spirituality, and culture, creating a truly immersive learning experience. Join Kali J.N.S and unlock the rich heritage of Tut language while discovering your own path to self-discovery and empowerment. Her multifaceted approach to education transcends traditional subject/object duality, empowering learners to unlock their true potential.

    As the founder of Nakhti University, Kali J.N.S has established a platform dedicated to empowering individuals through the pursuit of knowledge. Her revolutionary approach to education champions the return of the divine feminine and encourages learners to discover the profound wisdom of self-awareness.

    Beyond her scholarly endeavors, Kali J.N.S lives a life rooted in simplicity and harmony with nature. Embracing a monastic naturist lifestyle, she finds solace and inspiration in the spiritual world, nurturing a deep connection with the universe and all its inhabitants.

    Educated at institutions including Buffalo State College, Georgia State University, and Columbia University, Kali J.N.S has honed her expertise and refined her teaching methodologies. Her love for teaching is driven by a steadfast commitment to advocating for the human rights of Black Americans and empowering individuals to reclaim their cultural heritage.

    As your guide and mentor throughout the Tut Language Course, Kali J.N.S will ignite your curiosity, challenge your perspectives, and encourage you to embrace the transformative power of language and cultural identity. Her unique blend of wisdom, scholarship, and passion will inspire you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and cultural celebration.
    Kali J.N.S is Biologically Black American on Both sides

    Course Includes Three Free TUT Language Books Created By Kali J.N.S

    Tut Language Sight Words and Spelling Workbook for Kids: Letter Tracing & Practice of the Tut Alphabet

    The Cookout: Soul Food Recipes For Black Americans in Tut Language

    Gratitude Journal with Tut language For Black Americans: Peace, Honor, and Resilience

    Celebrate the essence of Black American culture as Tut language takes center stage.

    Course contents

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